These workshops can be offered to educators, K-12 students or college students, and community groups.

Poetry Writing Workshops

Landscape & Imagery
How do poets describe their perspectives of landscape? Do they use the same techniques as a painter–focusing on foreground and background?  In this workshop, we will refer to poems that use perspective to convey a relationship to a place as a way to develop images of specific landscapes. The writing exercises will lead you in the process of describing a landscape through well-developed images.

Metaphors and Symbolic Landscapes
Through a series of writing exercises, this workshop explores poetic images of the natural world that carry the “weight” of transformation and cumulatively reveal personal connections to landscape.

      You can’t always get what you want:
      Character development in the Short Story

Pedagogy Workshops

In these workshops I use poetic techniques to teach writing skills to middle and high school classes. I can offer all 5 workshops as a set to teach pedagogy of poetry writing for high school teachers. They can also be adjusted to the college level. 

1. The Skeleton Key: Unlocking the Poem
2. Etymology: Spelunking the Word Cave
3. A Shell by any Other Name
4. The Two-Sentence Poem
5. The Christmas Cracker: Breaking Open the Image

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