“Father’s Day”  “Hollow Bones” “Moving West” “Night Patterns” “Swansea”
Open: Journal of Arts and Letters

“The Glass Blower”
Green Linden Press

“Petroglyphs at Parowan Gap” (with audio)
Sound of Sugar (House Review)

“Sepulveda Basin Refuge” “Winter Solstice in the Gorge, 2016” (with audio)

Six Poems from “Ruin and Light”
Contrary Magazine

“The Sand Man” part 1
15 Bytes

“Your Treasures are Marbles”  “She Looks for the Day”
“A Woman Spins her Grief” “When She First Lay beside You”
Quill & Parchment

“Listen to the abandoned abalone shell”
Anabiosis Press

“Letter to America” (Editorial)

In Print

“One Shot”
Chiron Review

“Shadow Prints”
Limberlost Review

“Continental Divide” “Emma Lee French” “July Sermons”
Exponent II

“Circadian” “Lighting Out for the Invisible” “Ghost Flower” “Vivarium”
South Dakota Review

“Petroglyphs at Parowan Gap”  “Vespers”  “The Sand Man”
Sugar House Review

“What is Visible”
Pilgrimage Magazine: Story, Spirit, Witness, Place

“Retrieval” “Our House”  “Cedar City, Utah”

“Snow in March”
Cave Wall